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UK reaffirms commitment to Belfast Agreement


On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with his Spanish counterpart, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, during the NATO Summit in Brussels. Johnson and Sanchez discussed ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the UK and Spain in a range of areas, including security, commerce, and military.

They both agreed to work together to defeat the Corona Virus. According to a UK government press release, Johnson and Sanchez determined that the political agreement reached on Gibraltar late last year offered a foundation for a future agreement with the EU.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, reaffirmed his commitment to a partnership that respects the UK’s integrity without jeopardizing the Belfast Agreement. The British government agreed with Ireland on how Northern Ireland was handled on April 10, 1998. It was an agreement between Britain and Ireland and the majority of Northern Ireland’s political parties on how Northern Ireland is governed. The agreement addressed topics that had generated disagreement in past decades. The goal was to create a new, devolved government in Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson also reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to this pact. He stated that he is looking forward to working with Prime Minister Sanchez ahead of the UK-hosted COP26 Summit to build on the progress established at last year’s Summit in Madrid.

They also agree that low and medium-income countries require the assistance of enveloped nations to thrive in a green and sustainable manner. Spain and the United Kingdom decided earlier this year to remove border controls to allow free travel to and from Gibraltar once the United Kingdom formally exits the EU. Spain has traditionally opposed the British claim to sovereignty over Gibraltar. The Spanish border check activities frequently cause delays, which many believe is a deliberate attempt by Spain.

In 2002, Gibraltar held a referendum in which it rejected the concept of joint sovereignty. Gibraltar residents are still British nationals. They elect their members to the territory’s parliament, but the British king appoints a governor. And the two countries’ Agreement to walk together on Gibraltar does not imply acknowledgment of British sovereignty over the disputed region by Spain.

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