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Mercy Aigbe begs Lanre Gentry to sign divorce papers

Mercy Aigbe stated that she is still married to her estranged husband, Lanre Gentry, because their divorce has not yet been finalized.
In an interview with Punch, Mercy Aigbe said that he had refused to sign their divorce papers since they were filed. “He had refused to sign the divorce papers. He’d even refused to accept them.”We’re still married and haven’t divorced.”

This man declined to appear in court before the court went on strike. The bailiff from the court visited him several times. We had to go to court to get permission to paste the court document on his gate.

So, the divorce has not yet been finalized. “Perhaps I should utilize this medium to make an appeal, and you folks should assist me to urge him to let me go,” she suggested.
However, after a long period of silence, the duo resumed their open conflict.
Mercy claimed that Gentry’s social media post on Father’s Day was directed at her, reopening old wounds. Gentry, on the other hand, stated that he had no problem with the actress. He provided an insight into what sparked their recent feud.
“I don’t have any issues with Mercy, and I’m not fighting with her,” he said. She is the one fighting; I am entitled to wish myself a good Father’s Day whenever it is observed. I appreciated Woli Agba’s amusing sketch, so I reposted it on my page and wished myself a Happy Father’s Day. Then she insinuated that the message I had placed was meant for her. I informed her that the post was not intended for her.
Following the dissolution of her first marriage, the actress married Lanre Gentry, a hotelier. But in 2017, the disaffection in the marriage became obvious when the couple individually announced their separation. The pair have a son, Juwon Gentry.
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