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Drug trafficker inject seven pellets of narcotic drugs


Prison authorities in Hongkong has detained a 55-year-old suspect in correctional facility on accusations of smuggling narcotic drug. According to a news release released by the Honkgonk Government, on June 10th, a provincial court judge issued an order after the police said that the suspect had ingested drugs in his body. The suspect is alleged to have swallowed possibly dangerous drugs before admission, based on an X-ray body scan. As a result, he has been segregated and is being subjected to intense monitoring.

He discharged seven pellets of the potentially dangerous drug wrapped in plastic. However, the police has received report of the incident and have commenced further investigation on it.

The Correctional Services Department has emphasized its determination to keep dangerous substances and unlawful things out of prisons.
Hong Kong is experiencing an increase in drug trafficking entering the country. According to a South China Morning Post report, authorities are experiencing a massive surge in cannabis use locally. Cannabis seizure has been Hongkong’s largest anti drug trafficking operation in recent years.
The legalization of drugs in several Western countries looks to be contributing to the current increase in consumption. Hong Kong police made the most extensive such seizure in nearly a decade.

Alexandra Ip Sau-Lan, the Chief Inspector of Police, said the number of local cannabis users has steadily increased over the years, particularly among youths, who may have incorrectly felt that the drug was less harmful than other illicit narcotic drugs.

According to the authorities in Hongkong, cannabis consumption is on the upswing, with the ongoing crackdown on illegal smuggling yielding the greatest confiscation.
She explained that if convicted, offenders might face life in jail and a HK$5 million punishment.

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