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BBA star Angel declared, “I’m the best in Nigeria.”

Recently, the reality TV show celebrity, Angel Smith, again spat into the sky and thus welcomed the dropping saliva with her face when she revealed how important her existence is and what heaviness the beauty she possesses carries.
The 21-year-old Big Brother Naija ex-housemate made the controversial declaration on Monday when she declared to the world that when it comes to beauty possessions in Nigeria, aside from her mother, who happens to be the best, she (Angel) deserves to be honoured with a Nobel prize as well.

She wrote on her social media handle: “Then, throughout Nigeria, when it comes to beauty, only one person can defeat me, and that person is my mother.”
However, in a viral video which had been shared a few days ago on social media between the TV show celebrity and the renowned Thirty-Billion-Gang initiator, David Adeleke, popularly known for his stage play “Davido”,

Somehow, the duo were seen cruising their legs in a dancing feat to one of Adekunle Gold’s songs, “High”, also featured by Davido, the music icon. Many a few were of the opinion that the “Jowo” singer had become easily accessible by many, including those whose existence matters and those who do not. 

Little wonder, Angel’s reactions thereafter to critics on her page shake the table legs, wondering why people constantly shade her movements, and also indulging her critics by expecting more of her “real hot girl shit” movements.
She acknowledged: “You all gats breathe. I can’t necessarily be making you all mad every day as it’s not a good deal for you dkm. Then, I haven’t even started yet? It’s gonna be a long ride.”

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