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Naftali Bennett replace Netanyahu as the Israeli prime minister


Yamina leader Naftali Bennett takes the Israeli prime minister post, replacing Netanyahu, who will likely find himself in the opposition.

The overwhelming majority vote in favor of Bennett closed the last dramatic episode in the recent history of Israel’s worst political crisis.

In the two-and-a-half years that Netanyahu has been in power, Israel has had four inconclusive elections because his opponents have sought to remove him from power.

The agreement to form a unity government ultimately occurred in March 2021, when the leaders of various political parties across the spectrum came together and agreed to work together.

In this coalition, there will be the Ra’am party, an Islamist one, making it the first Arab party to join an Israeli administration.

In addition, within his own right-wing Likud party, Netanyahu may suddenly be facing a leadership challenge.

Bibi is still much revered in Likud. However, he is also awaiting trial on accusations of corruption and fraud, which have significantly diminished his public image.

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