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Fury knockout Wilder, retains his WBC title

Fury retains his WBC belt

Incredible effort from Deontay Wilder to keep going but Tyson Fury wins an incredible fight with an 11th round knock out. Stunning!
Wilder down again

Fury lands a big right and then a left hook to the body before a big punch sends Wilder down again! That has to be it!

Heavyweight boxing is alive! The sound of that right from Fury echoed all over the T Mobile arena! Wilder didn’t take his time to get back up. Fighting on heart.
But that heart is enough to land some blows late on. 10-8 to Fury.

Round 10

Fury comes forward straight from the off and a couple of big shots get through. Fury has landed twice as many punches as Wilder in this fight but Wilder is still going.
Wilder goes for a body shot but that leaves him open and a whopping right hand sends down Wilder again.

The crowd roars again but Wilder gets up on his feet and insists he is good to continue. The referee lets him.
It looks like Fury will finish the job now as an uppercut comes through but suddenly Wilder comes alive and finishes strongly with a few hits connecting.
Incredible finish to the round!


Wilder still unleashing the single punches. There’s one to the body and one to the head but Fury brushes both off. The American gave it his all in the first four rounds but there doesn’t seem much in the tank.

A right uppercut at the end of the round catches Fury but it’s another 10-9 to the champion.

Round Nine

“Stay off the rope,” Deontay Wilder is urged before the start of the ninth round. Just staying on his feet looks to be taking all his effort now. Fury is in control but still has to be wary of that Wilder right hand, which does get through at one stage.

Fury backs off but then steps up a gear and lands a couple of big shots that has Wilder wobbling again but somehow he manages to muster some energy again to
land a late uppercut before the bell.


Power is gone from Wilder’s punches. He lands cleanly with a one-two which Fury smiles and shrugs off. Wilder is being picked apart as he backs up. Yet another big 10-9 to Fury.

Round Eight

Wilder looks to have depleted that little secret well of energy he found for round four and his punches lack power and are bouncing off Fury, who has the wind in his sails now.

A big one-two has Wilder staggering. He stays on his feet but is merely pawing at Fury, there’s just no energy behind the punches. Wilder hanging on.


A boxing masterclass from Fury as Wilder holds on. A remarkable comeback after that astonishing round four. Much like we saw in the second fight between these
two, Fury’s quick feet and counter punching is too much for Wilder to contend with.

The American is still throwing though. Fury can’t afford to be complacent. 10-9 to Fury.

Round Seven

Into round seven. This is where Fury stopped Wilder last time and he’s quickly on the front foot. Roars from the crowd as Fury connects with a good right hand before then attacking the body.

Another big right hand connects and Wilder looks like he is going. The American holds on and just about survives to the bell.


Fury’s evasiveness and awkwardness makes it difficult for Wilder to land cleanly, although both fighters exchange decent rights midway through the round.

Wild swing from Wilder towards the end of the round shows his fatigue. Another 10-9 round to the Briton who, one our card, is edging this by one round now.

Round Six

Fury lands a jab, Wilder misses with a swing of the right but then both land heavy hits almost at the same time.
Into the final minute and Fury puts together a combination before catching Wilder with a right that puts him onto the ropes.

Fury finishes on the front foot as Wilder throws a wild punch before the bell.

Fury beating Wilder to the punch and leaning on his opponent to wear him down. It’s a brilliant comeback after the two knockdowns. He takes a close round 10-9.

Round Five

Oh my what a fight we have here. Fury with the damage in round three and Wilder with that devastating response in round four.
Who is going to land the next telling shot? It could be the one that determines this fight and it is Fury who gets through with a strong right hand. Wilder gets in close but Fury has recovered well after the shock of round four.

Wilder is looking tired.

Out of nowhere!! A fight for the ages! Wilder shows just why he is the most dangerous heavyweight fighter out there. Pure power in that right has Fury on the canvas twice. A HUGE 10-7 round to Wilder.

Out of nowhere!! A fight for the ages! Wilder shows just why he is the most dangerous heavyweight fighter out there. Pure power in that right has Fury on the canvas twice. A HUGE 10-7 round to Wilder.

Round Four

What a twist
Fury is down a second time! Incredible scenes and what a turnaround here as this time the bell comes to Fury’s rescue.
Wilder looked down and out but from somewhere he found the energy and is right back in this.

Round Four

Fury is going for this now. Wilder is unsteady and his punches a little wild as Fury uses his long reach to try and land a few jabs.

Fury has Wilder up on the ropes and connects with a one-two but suddenly Wilder comes alive and that devastating right hand gets through and puts Fury on the floor!


A massive round for the Briton! Fury catches him on the temple. Wilder on unsteady legs and saved by the bell. His eyes are glazed as he walks back to the corner. 10-8 to Fury.

David Haye on BT Sport: “I am not sure what they can say or do to get Wilder back into the fight here.”

Round Three

Wilder gets up but he’s out on his feet! Fury goes in for the kill with a one-two but the bell saves Wilder.
Big round for the defending champion.

Round Three

Quick feet from Fury and he connects with a body shot and then a left hook to the head.

Wilder went in hard and fast early and there’s just a hint he is maybe tiring a little bit but he does land a big swinging right to Fury’s face.

But that’s just angered Fury and a big right hand sends Wilder to the canvas!

Wilder falling short with overhand rights – Fury can see it coming from a mile off. The American does then connect with a right, but Fury comes back with one of his own. Both fighters trading hands on the inside. A close round but we’re giving it 10-9 to Fury. He levels things up.

Round Two

Much, much better start to this round by Fury as he gets in early and aggressively this time. He’s finding his range and a strong right hand gets through.

Both then exchange punches, Fury immediately responding to a right hander from Wilder with one of his own.
Close round.

Richie Woodhall on BT Sport: “That right hand at the end of the round really did swing the momentum back into Fury’s favour. But in terms of points scored Wilder’s work was more significant than Fury’s big right hand.”


Wilder was consistently throwing jabs to Fury’s body. The Briton connected with a solid right to the head towards the end of the round but, on business alone, it’s
10-9 to Wilder.

Round One

Deontay Wilder is straight on the front foot with some early jabs to the body. Fury is biding his time and there’s a roar from the crowd as he evades that fierce right hand from Wilder.

Fury connects with a right hander midway through the round, his first telling punch so far, but Wilder keeps coming with that jab before Fury lands a decent effort just before the bell.

Round One

Steely eyed looks from both fighters at each other. Nineteen months we have waited for this. Round one is under way!


And now Tyson Fury is announced as the defending heavyweight champion of the world. He bounces up and down and holds his hands up in their air as he too has
his name cheered as it is announced.