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Wike reacts to The Nation newspaper’s criticism of his 61st independence anniversary comment.


Paulinus Nsirim, Rivers State Commissioner for Information, issued a press release on Facebook in defence of Governor Nyesom Wike. “Our attention has been drawn to the article published in the “Hardball” column of The Nation Newspaper on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, titled: “Wike, Combat, and Cane, and we cannot help but laugh once more at the author of this particular ‘Hardball’ segment’s manic obsessiveness with everything that has to do with Governor Nyesom Wike,” the Commissioner said.


What is rather disturbing, according to the Commissioner, is the constant display of professional mercantilism and the unrelenting effort to mislead the people and misinterpret every action and comment of Governor Wike.


It is rather shameful for a journalist to resort to subtle, yet crude and dangerous slander in order to attack anyone who dares to challenge the status quo.

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike said Nigeria is “nothing” and that the judiciary is a “shambles of negroes”. Governor Wike’s remarks at the Interdenominational Thanksgiving Service in commemoration of the Nation’s 61st Independence Anniversary on Sunday, September 26, 2021, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Diabu, Part Harcourt, represent the heart cry of every patriotic Nigerian.

He described Nigeria as a dysfunctional country in which the judiciary has been intimidated, children are not in school, and doctors are not in hospitals due to ongoing strikes.

Unfortunately, only Nigerians who feed fat from such a country, as well as journalists like the author with his obvious anti-libertarian counter-progressive propaganda that promotes and protects the interests of these individuals, will disagree with Governor Wike’s observations and even go so far as to cast puerile aspersions with pedestrian examples on his comments. 

It is a crying shame that in the last six years, we have pathetically transformed into a nation where, for example, state Governors, whose voices should be resonating loudly against the impunity that undermines our democratic federalism, have been brow-beaten into complicit silence, while we watch in helpless horror, the systematic regression and overhaul of a nation’s development gamut.

Nigeria has never been more divided in its 61-year history than it is now. Governor Wike’s voice is the only one resonating loudly, clearly, and independently against these manifestations as we mark the 61st anniversary of our country’s independence. Wike invited the congregation to join him and the choir in singing the first and last stanzas of the Hymn, SSS 577: I Need Thee Every Hour. This was both appropriate and poignant in capturing the mood and state of affairs in our nation today.

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