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In the fiscal year 2022, the Benue State Government plans to spend N156.6 billion. While presenting the 2022 appropriation budget proposal to the Benue State House of Assembly on Wednesday, October 270, 2021, State Governor Samuel Ortom declared. Governor Ortom said the proposed budget, dubbed “Economic Advancement and Growth,” comprises a recurrent expenditure of 98.7 billion naira and a capital receipt of 61.8 billion naira. According to Governor Ortom, the budget allocates 56.7 billion naira to the economy, 46.9 billion naira to social welfare, 43.8 billion naira to administration, and 8.1 billion naira to law and justice.

He explained that the projection, which is 23 billion naira greater than the budget for 2021, will be funded by earnings from the Federation Account, Internally Generated Revenue, and aids and grants. Governor Ortom also announced that the government would make concerted efforts, in partnership with local governments, to improve Internally Generated Revenue collection. He promised that the government would take steps to stop all revenue leakages in Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.
He stated that the government will strengthen the current efficiency unit in the Ministry of Finance to check the quality of expenditure in order to reduce the issues that would obstruct the budget’s execution.
Governor Ortom further indicated that the 2022 budget would be meticulously followed to ensure timely payment of salaries and pensions, as well as the creation of jobs for the people.

Governor Ortom commented on the performance of last year’s budget, stating that despite COVID-19 and ongoing attacks by herdsmen, the government was able to accomplish significant results in several areas of the economy.
He specifically highlighted that the administration developed and completed various road and electrical projects, rebuilt educational facilities at the basic, secondary, and university levels, and encouraged agricultural modernization through tractor acquisition and distribution.

Engineer Titus Uba, the Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly, praised the Governor for delivering the budget to the Assembly earlier than last year and pledged that the House will slow down other activities to focus on the budget and give it an expedited hearing.

Engineer Uba has instructed the heads of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies to work as closely as possible with the House Standing Committees in analyzing the budget in order for it to be a perfect document.

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