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Federal Government has no business making grazing laws

Says Senator Ajibola Basiru the senate spokesman


The senator representing Osun Central, Ajibola Basiru, said the federal government has no business with grazing laws and should leave them to the states.

Senator Ajibola Bashiru claimed on Channels TV’s Sunrise program that Nigeria is still suffering from the effects of the military rule. According to him, the system during the military rule was hierarchical, but the country is currently in a democracy with multiple equal layers of government. All grazing laws are the responsibility of the federating units and have nothing to do with the federal government, except possibly for funding. He also asserted that the national assembly has nothing to do with the grazing law.

Senator Bashiru stated that the current economic setup, in which states rely on funds from the federation account, has contributed to the current situation where everyone looks to the the federal government for solution.

The structure during the mlitary regime was hierarchical, but now, the country is in a democracy with multi level tiers of government that are equal.

Ajibola Basiru Senate Spokesman

Nigeria has been looking for an acceptable solution to the ongoing confrontations between farmers and herders. Bandit attacks across the country have also exacerbated the problem.

Senator Basiru Ajibola, a lawyer who served as Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola’s government, has previously objected the president’s notion of national grazing law. Basiru spoke against President Buhari’s idea of a national grazing reserve. Buhari had directed the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, to publish the Gazette of the country’s national grazing reserve. The president stated that he intends to retake every grazing area in the country.

However, Senator Ajibola, a PhD holder in property law, stated that the country lacks a national grazing law. According to him, Nigeria has a legislation that was enacted by the former northern region. This law only applied to the former northern region and cannot be considered a national law. Senator Ajibola stated that the president was not being properly advised.

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