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Campus of the Nigerian Law School in port Harcourt has come to stay – Senate

Members of Nigeria’s Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, and Legal Matters have endorsed the Dr. Naba Graham Douglas campus of the Nigerian Law School in Port Harcourt, declaring it to be permanent.

On Tuesday, the committee members gave their approval after inspecting ongoing civil construction work at the campus as part of their oversight function in Port Harcourt.
Rivers State Governor, Nyesam Ezenwa Wike, led them around the project sites, first to the staff quarters beside the Hotel Presidential and then to the Law School campus in Rumueme, Port Harcourt.

Senator Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, chairman of the committee, stated that they are undoubtedly impressed with what they have seen in Part Harcourt. According to him, their colleagues in the Senate, including the Senate leadership, who have placed a lot of trust in them and put them in charge of the committee, are waiting to hear from them.
However, he emphasized that what they have observed is consistent with global best practice standards for providing legal education.

And we are very excited about this for the future of the legal profession, which is our primary constituency, because curs is a committee whose members are almost entirely lawyers and members of this profession.

It is critical for us to gather here because we will not simply write a report and make a decision based on emotion. I mean, this is a bipartisan legislative action.”
Senator Bamidele noted that Rivers State is boldly setting a standard for legal education in the country, and it appears to be a high one.

“After inspecting the ongoing works, his Excellency, the Governor, took us to inspect existing property that had been acquired with the intention of surrendering these same properties to the Law School for use as a source of revenue. That’s why I say there’s a Rivers standard.

“And of course, when you now come to the quality of what is an ground, more than any of the Law Schools that have existed before the creation of this, we have seen quality here that will distinctly place this on the world map when you’re talking about Law Schaal campuses that can stand the test of time.”

Senator Bamidele explained that having come to determine what actually is an ground and also to see the quality of work, they are fascinated to see about 750 workers on the construction site.
According to him, that is something that gladdens their hearts because at a time like this, the Rivers State government is able to provide such number of jabs to its people.

We must engage in activities that will provide employment opportunities for our people. We’ve seen a lot of artisans here at work, as well as contractors. ” ” Many building materials are being brought to this site, with far-reaching economic implications for Rivers State and, in the long run, the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“That is not something we take for granted. Aside from the temporary job opportunities, we also know that an additional campus of the Nigerian Law Schaal opening in Port Harcourt would mean long-term career opportunities for people who will also work here as administrative staff.

As people advance in their careers, the number of lecturers will grow. That, we believe, is another reason why this deserves to be celebrated.”
Senator Bamidele stated that, with the exception of the Lagos campus of the Nigerian Law School, which was established by operation of law in 1962, the other five campuses were established through administrative action, such as the campus in Port Harcourt, which was approved by the country’s President.

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