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Aminata Diallo released without charges

Aminata Diallo, a Paris Saint-Germain women’s footballer, was freed from police custody on Thursday following two days of questioning in connection with an assault on a colleague that has shocked the French game.

Diallo, who was held in connection with an incident on fellow midfielder Kheira Hamraoui on Wednesday morning, was freed without prosecution in the afternoon, according to Versailles prosecutor Maryvonne Caillibotte.

On Wednesday evening, a French prosecutor extended the player’s detention for another 24 hours, and she was questioned again on Thursday about the incident in which her teammate Kheira Hamraoui was pulled from a car and attacked on her way home from a team dinner last week.

Diallo was apprehended by police officers who arrived at her home around 6 a.m. Wednesday and searched her apartment as well as a team-provided car she was driving when the attack occurred last week.

Diallo’s cellphone was also taken by the police, who later questioned a 34-year-old man in jail in Lyon on unrelated charges. The man, who was described as Diallo’s acquaintance, was also released without charge on Thursday, according to the Versailles prosecutor.

Hamraoui was dragged from his car and assaulted with an iron club on the legs by two masked men last week.

Diallo was driving Hamraoui home at the time, and police were trying to figure out if she was involved in the violence, which left the victim with cuts on her legs and hands that required stitches.

According to judicial sources, a third PSG player, Sakina Karchaoui, was summoned by police to submit a statement on Thursday morning, while a man was arrested in Lyon on Wednesday.

Team officials learned of Diallo’s arrest on Wednesday morning — and the possibility that she played a role in Hamraoui’s assassination — via news media accounts, and only after she had been detained.

They were even more taken aback by the claims because Diallo and Hamraoui were friends.

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