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Babangida’s son and family involved in ghastly

Three soldiers dead, one hospitalized

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Mohammed Babangida, the son of former military head of state Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, was involved in a horrific accident on Monday evening when his vehicle collided with a trailer loaded with tomatoes on the Minna-Suleja highway, narrowly avoiding death. Three security personnel, all of whom were soldiers in his convoy, died.

He was on his way to Abuja in a Honda Space bus, with other members of his family followed by a Prado SUV security vehicle conveying the four security personnel, according to eyewitnesses.

No member of the Babangida family was hurt, however, one of the security guards was badly injured and is presently being treated at the National Hospital in Abuja.

According to reports, the convoy collided head-on with a trailer traveling in the opposite way. The collision between the trailer and the convoy was caused by a defective section of the dual carriage roadway in Mallam Karu village, where vehicles divert to one lane.

The Babangida family is yet to issue a statement on the incident.

In 1962, Ibrahim Babangida was drafted into the Nigerian Army. He went through the ranks of the Nigerian Army to become the Commander of the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron in Kaduna in 1964, progressed through the ranks to become a military general, and later became the Nigerian head of state after he deposed incumbent President Mohammadu Buhari in a coup in 1985.

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